To whom it may concern,

        The world is witnessing an unjustified, unprovoked, horrific, invasion from Russia upon Ukraine. Second by second Russian artillery shells are fired to the expense of Ukrainian civilian targets and military. The amount of war crimes committed by Russia  has even provoked an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

        As a business leader, you have an amount of leverage on how the world economy is to be shaped, including a fraction of the Russian Economy. Trading with Russia breaches the very  fundamentals of ethical investing, supporting atrocious war crimes onto the citizens of Ukraine.

The freedom of Ukraine is at great risk, and partially of your decisions. Sanctions against the Russian economy and Ruble greatly impact the war effort that Russia can devote. ~60% of Russian exports are oil. Being a distributor of gas, you can have an impact on Russian exports of Petroleum.

For these reasons, I suggest you cease all trading and investing  with the Russian government, Russian corporations, and Russian private entities.