First of all, you need to get out of the initial shock. If you are in Ukraine now, you are in a war zone. I know it's hard to imagine right now. A park you liked yesterday could be deadly tomorrow when a sniper takes up position in a building where you had ice cream as a child. If you are not yet in survival mode, the sooner you turn it on, the better your chances. Grab what you can. Leave the rest behind, your things are not worth dying for. Run Running is the best option. Now you are a refugee from the war, you have special rights. Even if you do not have a passport, just cross the border - at the checkpoint or jump over the fence. The country in which you will eventually settle will issue you with a special two-strip passport for your refugee travel document. The problem with running is that it becomes vulnerable if you are near the front line, just being in a moving vehicle will make you a target. You will either be fired on or stopped / shot at a checkpoint. Either do it before it reaches this point, or don't do it at all. Assess what equipment you see around you: Fast jets, missiles - the front line is far away, run. Helicopters, especially transport ones, are the point of decision, if you don't go now, you will have to stay put. Shelling or mortar fire - the front line is less than 20 km from you. It is already dangerous to go outside. Go to the basement and wrap up during the day. Unlike cruise missile attacks (there were many today), the shelling is steady and lasts for hours or days. Armored vehicles - You are in the occupied territories. There will be checkpoints on the roads. Depending on their orders, you may be deployed or simply shot on the spot. The situation can change in hours. Just because it was safe to go outside before you fall asleep doesn't mean it will be safe when you wake up. Stay put Your priorities are: Shelter. Basements in low-rise buildings are ideal. You want to be out of sight, preferably in a place where the projectile can explode on a higher floor and not bury you. Water. Fill it with any containers you have. As soon as the electricity goes out, your water supply will go out. If there is snow outside, collect it. Fuel. All you need to stay warm and melt the snow. Coal or firewood is better. Food. The lowest on the list of priorities, but this will be the first thing you think about. The above will kill you much faster than starvation. For the most part, your morale is broken by this point, hunger makes people really garbage. It is unlikely that Russian troops will be ordered to kill civilians, which does not mean that a 19-year-old boy sitting at the right end of the gun will not please you. Stay away from eyes. The Ukrainian government is obviously distributing weapons, and having them to protect (not fight) is an extremely bad idea. This will make you an instant and legitimate target for any troops you may encounter. Be safe wherever you are.